Saturday, June 13, 2015


From the Spanish Version MADAME VIAJA A SU CASA
                      Madame's Journey Home
                                        This is the heartwarming story of one
                          families journey into discovery and love                    

On the eve of a killing frost  in the Midwest, Mariosa, and her son Antwan Ramar find an injured Monarch butterfly. They take her in and become a family, that is recognised in their small town. They learn something special from Madame (the name they gave her) butterfly and they build an extraordinary circle of  love.
Besides being a great story of humanistic values of love and release (through death) it is a valid teaching tool for the Monarch butterfly.

Mariosa spent many years as a nature guide and uses her experience of working with young children to build the Monarch’s big story in a way they can understand. The book is designed to open spaces between the reader and young listener to begin a conversation about such important issues as :

*How to appreciate and connect to the natural world
*Tolerance for differences
*Death as a natural cycle of transformation.

Interest for Monarch butterflies is especially high at this time because of the increased environmental awareness on the planet and the threat to this particular species.
Monarchs are one of the most magical mysteries on Earth.
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AT book presentations Antwan draws adult and children into the book.
The latest review by book winner Alissa Higgins of Brookhaven. PA

Hi Mariosa,
Yes, I received the book.  I have been meaning to email you.  The kids last week in school has made things a bit crazy.  The book is beautiful! We recently ordered caterpillars and watched the life cycle.  We had one butterfly whose wings didn't straighten completely when it came out of the chrysalis so it never flew and did not live very long.  I got a bit teary when I read the story.
My 7 year old loved the story as well. It hit us pretty close to home. 
Thanks very much,


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