Madame's Journey Home took place many years go when my son was very young. At the time of the story we were living in Viroqua, Wisconsin , which is not too far from the Mississippi River.  
This  is the house we lived in with Madame on the very top floor. It is a turn of the century victorian mansion called the Eckart house. It is a bed and breakfast.  We loved this house and enjoyed the small town life.I rented 4 acres of organic farm land and along with another woman and her young daughter, we grew flowers and specialty vegetables for farmer's markets in the area. It was a wonderful life. Finding Madame was one of the many special memories we have of that period in our lives. Many people ask me what and how I fed her. Luckily , I had been a Nature Guide for many years before we moved to Viroqua and had been exposed to alot of information on the natural world. I had seen how butterflies were raised in captivity by feeding them mashed banana. This was her favorite food. In the STORY OF THE STORY I tell the history of the books art and how we came to create this book after so many years.

This is Antwan and I today in 2011. Antwan is arriving here in Mexico for a visit, hence the bright Mexican colors and paper flowers around his neck. We began the process of designing, formatting, and creating the marketing plan for Madame’s Journey Home . It is with great joy that we are realizing the dream of publishing it after all these years , while basking in the Mexican sun and watching Monarchs on their way northward for yet another season in their magical circle of life.