Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Experiencing the tens of millions of monarch butterflies that winter in the state of Michoacán, Mexico, is on many an eco-tourist’s bucket list. But the journey to the remote high-altitude sanctuaries is both physically and logistically difficult. Plus, there’s that State Department warning against non-essential travel to Michoacan.
Not to worry. The new Imax film “Flight of the Butterflies” brings the monarchs to us.
Nice but there is something very important to know. The exeperience of this magnificent natural phenomenon can easily end without YOUR tourist dollars.
So enjoy the movie but please do not remove it from you bucket list. and the quicker you get to it on your bucket list the better. 
You see the Government of Mexico has recently taken a gamble and stuck alot of Pesos into making the site very accessable with modern facilities and horses to get you as comfortably to the site as possible. These forest are highly endangered because the trees are more economically valuable to the people than the butterflies. 
The government can NOT stop this without the economic help of those who care enough to come to see them in person. They have been paying the locals to not plunder the forests. but it is a losing battle without tourism.
Since the forest are disappearing at a very rapid rate it is essential to ignor the State Dept. warnings and COME.
I have been to this place and it is on the edge of a small quiet area in central Mexico. Where Tourism makes security a high priority. So Please consider doing some research on your own and NOT just accepting the State Dept. warnings. As you may well be learning , sometimes governments have other agendas as priorities. 
And if you really would like to know how important it is to come.........Please see the movie.