In my marketing for Madame's Journey Home I discovered a blogspot of a former teacher who proudly announced that she was a member of  THE MONARCHS TEACHER NETWORK. I got very excited. WOW, there is a teachers network for Monarchs??? When I clicked the link this is how the network was described.. The Monarch Teacher Network is a growing network of teachers who have received training to use monarch butterflies to teach a variety of concepts and skills, including our growing connection with other nations and the need to be responsible stewards of the environment.

Yet when I clicked the link to this network of teachers I discovered that :

Information for Mexico Trip Journey to a Hidden World MTN did not travel to Mexico to see the Monarch Colonies in 2011 This decision was reached after thoughtful analysis of information gathered from a variety of sources including the U.S. State Department Travel Advisory website. 

Using this information they chose to go to California instead.
 I am sorry BUT: In perspective this would be like looking at a pond rather than Lake Michigan.
facts: Monarchs wintering in California 25000
Monarch Reserve in Michoacon, Mexico 60 MILLION to 1 BILLION.

Even though this has some raw language and is referring to Puerta Vuerta it still has some interesting statistics.

And Quoting from a more recent Blog post of March2012 of veteran traveler Peter Greenberg,

(Peter Greenberg is America’s most recognized, honored and respected front-line travel news journalist.
He is Travel Editor for CBS News, appearing on CBS This MorningCBS Evening News with Scott Pelley, and CBS Sunday Morning, among other broadcast platforms.
He is the consummate insider when it comes to reporting the travel business as news. No other journalist brings his level of expertise and extensive experience to the travel process.)
Let me state something from the outset. I am not an unabashed apologist for Mexico, or its spokesman or an endorser. I am writing this as a veteran traveler to Mexico who has been going down there since 1973 without a single incident.
I am growing tired, and somewhat impatient with expressions of concern or worry — as well intentioned as they may be — about my traveling to Mexico.
Every time I am about to fly there — to Cancun, to Cabo, to Ixtapa, to Mexico City and many other locations — my friends, and sometimes even strangers advise me to “be careful,”, “be safe,” or worse…”watch out.”
Watch out for what? great people? great weather? great service? affordable, memorable experiences?
Most Americans share, as a group, two notable, and embarrassing traits: we are geographically ignorant and culturally insensitive. And, at every possible opportunity to travel, we embrace the worst four letter word that starts with “f”: fear.
It’s sad, it’s unfortunate, and at the very least, it’s embarrassing.
Instead, we need to get out there and find a map. 

The bottom line here is that Americans are NOT being targeted in this drug war. Travel and Tourism is too big an economic factor — too crucial to the Mexican economy and to millions of Mexican jobs — to allow that to happen. There are two realities here: the multi-billion dollar drug business is not going to evaporate as long as demand — most of it from the United States — remains at record levels. And the second reality — travel and tourism remain robust in Mexico.
And I find it so terribly regrettable that these Educated Monarch trained teachers did not do their real homework and find a MAP. 
Central Mexico is not on anyone danger list. and the survival of the the Monarch Reserve absolutely depends on TOURISM.  The deforestation of this area comes from economic hardship . The people cut the trees down that the Monarchs winter in because they are a huge economic resource!!!!!!
Sending paper Monarchs to school children, hatching a few classroom Monarchs and tagging them for release are all great "feel good" activities for adults but REAL activism means TOURISM in the real world of Mexico.

PLease read more about this incredible place and these  precarious times
Tourism is the the only hope to stop that.
Visiting this incredible place before it is GONE: Truly helping Mexico in its efforts to stop 

I have lived in this beautiful Mexico town for more than a year

 and can speak from experience that I totally agree with Peter Greenburg. 
and would add that if you truly want the experience of a lifetime and to HELP the Monarch Butterfly Reserve. COME VISIT 
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They will arrive in Mexico Nov. of 2012 and stay until March.