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Rodrigo Lopez , San Miguel de Allende Mexico Leads  Eco-tours to the Monarch reservation in Mexico and many other locations.
 "I enjoyed a lot reading your book, It is  FANTASTIC!" 

Marion Nichols, St. Louis Mo. USA Master storyteller at City Museum in St. Louis and author of many creative books on paper cutouts.

"My two copies arrived last week and I LOVED it! It is as good as I 

remember from when you told it to me at City Museum years ago. "!

Vincent Androsiglio PHD Professor of Psyciatry NY Medical College, Author of Butterfly on the Wrist. 

This Book is a magical joy. A mother, son and butterfly join together in a loving coventant, showing how they can live and love as one. thank you !!!!!!

I downloaded a pdf of your book from your website and it is beautiful both visually and conceptually. Your sweet tale of a monarch's journey my touched my heart and the vivid and delightful pictures sang to my soul! What a wonderful book you and your son have created. Many thanks for sharing such a inspirational story of Love with the world... Vickie and Kirsten from

While traveling, I met one of the most influential people in my life. He became sorta like my brother, and we really grew together and had so much fun traveling the world. When I got home, I found out that he and his mother had written a book based on a true story. My friend illustrated part of the book, and his mother wrote and illustrated the rest. 
This story was moving with a real life lesson to be learned.

Please visit www.madamesjourneyhome.blogspo for more information and for the purchase of this book!
Thanks Mariosa and Antwan for this wonderful compelling story!

Renee-Claude Gaudet
Model, Actress, Entertainer, Clothing store CEO, Public Relations Professional
will be adding Madames Journey Home in June  2012
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In May of 2012 Omkidz did a giveaway of Madame's 

Journey home. The winner was ALIsSA HIGGINS from

Brookhaven,PA and after receiving the book here is 

what Alissa had to say:

Hi Mariosa,
Yes, I received the book.  I have been meaning to email you.  The kids last week in school has made things a bit crazy.  The book is beautiful! We recently ordered caterpillars and watched the life cycle.  We had one butterfly whose wings didn't straighten completely when it came out of the chrysalis so it never flew and did not live very long.  I got a bit teary when I read the story.
My 7 year old loved  the story as well. It hit us pretty close to home. 
Thanks very much,

Precioso!!!!!!!!!!!!August 16, 2012
This review is from: Madame Viaja A Su Casa (Volume 2) (Spanish Edition) (Paperback)
Palabras y sentimientos para toda la familia, un libro de amor y gracia que nos urge en estos dias de confusion y rencor. Cuenta la belleza de amar y y perder con humor. El "Viaje de Madame" es nuestro viaje y necesitamos entender y enseƱar como llegar. UN REGALO DEL ALMA!!!!!
Encuentra su RISA Y ABRAZALO./Beautiful!!!!, August 16, 2012
By Cindy Zavala - 
This review is from: Madame Viaja A Su Casa (Volume 2) (Spanish Edition) (Paperback)
Words and feelings for the whole family, a book of love and grace that urges us in these days of confusion and resentment. It has the beauty of love and loss and with humor. The "Voyage of Madame" is our journey and we need to understand and teach how to get there. A GIFT OF SOUL!!
Find your laughter and hugs.
A book using the timeless symbolism of a butterfly to begin to explore the mysteries and feelings of the beauty of transition with compassion and meaning for young minds.
Artist Warren Raysor